Is you site ready for Google’s Page Experience ?

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Hi everyone, I have been neglecting our social media over the past few weeks, but I have a valid excuse. I’ve been experimenting on how best to reconfigure some websites to meet Google’s new ‘page experience’.

Here’s a rough guide to the upcoming changes:

Google plans to update its algorithm in 2021 to include a factor called Page Experience. It also includes metrics in Google’s Web Vitals to do with a site’s loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability. For site owners and others, understanding these signals and making the necessary changes should be a priority.

google 2021

In layman’s terms, Google want your website to fully load in under 3 seconds be easy to use and visually stable, no flickering.

Fig .1 below (mobile score) shows the score range under the new algorithm.

william brown web designer
google core vitals 2021

As you can see there are three grading ranges, red, amber and green. Basically Google are looking for your website to be in the green zone for all core vitals.

We also measure our sites on GT metrics. This gives us a more in-depth understanding of how our websites measure up to the highest standards.

Fig .2 & .3 Show the difference between a site optimised to Googles new algorithm and a site still to be optimised to those standards:

good site performance
Good score fig .2
poor score
Poor score fig .3

Although fig .3 is classed as a mobile friendly website, you can see that it measures up pretty poorly against fig .2 ,a site that has been optimised to Googles page experience.

Your web developer should make you aware of these forth coming changes. If not get in touch with them and ask them what they plan to do regarding your website(s).

Alternatively, we are happy to analyse your website and give you advice. We have also created an upgrade package at a fair price. Contact us on social media or fill in the contact form below.


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