GLB Graphics now live !

Hi, welcome to GLB Graphics Store.

We are launching our first range of online sales – Valentines Day card designs. The majority of these designs have a fun Scottish twist to them. You can view this collection from our ‘Shop’ tab within our Menu. Each card has a title and bio which you will find underneath them.

Please note all designs are priced at £2.50 each. This price includes only the design and not a card print.

Upon payment you will receive an order confirmation on our website page. GLB Graphics will then process your order and e-mail you a high resolution copy with the watermark removed along with instructions on how to upload your design to Moon Pig for printing.

If you need assistance printing your card please use our ‘Contact’ page. Our designer will happily place your card printing order on your behalf and will request payment to cover the cost of your choice of card size / postage and an additional £1.00 as an administration fee.

Payment is accepted via Paypal either through your own Paypal account or Debit/Credit card. You do not require a Paypal account to purchase a design.

All designs have been created in high resolution and will look great on standard cards and/or giant cards.

Thank you in advance for your orders and support and we hope you enjoy the designs.


Gemma for William Brown Web Design

Gemma Brown

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