W B Wedding is open for business !

W B Wedding – Preserving the memories of your big day.

Hi everyone, welcome to our latest venture W B Wedding.

We thought it was time to offer couples the 21st century version of the wedding album to capture and preserve their memories of their big day.

In the past a married couple would sit back and thumb through their wedding photo album to bring back the memories of their big day. Then from the 1980’s onwards many also had a video recording of their wedding and reception. These were wonderful but that was then and this is now.

Since the turn of the century media has been revolutionised leading more people to create their own content and share it on social media platforms. There has also been a revolution in mobile camera phones allowing people to create their own hi quality videos and images and share them over wireless networks.

With this in mind we have created a package for you to capture your big day.

The basic package

  • A personal wedding website
  • A personal wedding blog for you to share the latest updates building up to the big day and beyond
  • Your own bespoke social media platform (functions similar to Facebook) on which your invited family and friends can upload images, messages and video in real time on your wedding day
  • Full control over who can see and contribute to your wedding site
  • Your own online wedding gallery to share your images and video with friends and family
  • Personal email accounts for the happy couple
  • An SSL certificate for site security
  • Your own domain name
  • 1yrs hosting on a hi-speed web server (this can be extended if you require it)

We feel that this package will enhance your wedding day and build fantastic memories to look back on and share in the future.

If you are interested you can visit our demo site Here

Otherwise fill in the form below or call us on: 07485 011004.

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