Poor Coding and Neglect kills Search Engine Rankings

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Poorly coded and neglected websites will kill your Search Engine ratings. That is a fact!

Back at the turn of the century all you had to do was make sure that your ‘keywords’ and site description were good and your site would do fine. Today things are totally different.

Modern search engines now scan the web for new content and look at the entire file system of your website to check every line of code to make sure it’s up to standard. They also check for ‘code bloat’, for example your Stylesheet may have 1,000 lines of code but the site only executes 100 lines of that file.

Basically all your web files have to be properly coded and minimized, this includes images on your site. If your site takes too long to serve these files then then you’re up against it from the start. But these short comings can be rectified and your ranking improved.

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