Good Causes I Sponsor

I’m proud to sponsor two good causes by supplying free websites, hosting and updates for them. They do all the hard work by giving their time to improve the lives of many.

The Invisibles.

“The Invisibles” is a wholly voluntary organisation, made up of people of all ages with a variety of roles in life. We do not receive salaries nor do we have registered premises. All of our work is done in our spare time, supported by the generosity of the Glaswegian public and the endeavor of the front line homeless organisations in the city.”

The Road To Lisbon

bikerouteOn Saturday 6th May 2017 Celtic Fans will set out from Celtic park to fulfill a lifetime ambition to cycle to the Nacional Stadium in Lisbon to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Lisbon Lions winning the European cup. Their key objectives are:

  • to make a safe cycle to Lisbon
  • to make the cycle accessible for as many folk as possible
  • raise awareness for the Celtic foundation and raise tens of thousands for the foundation and potential partner charities also.